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From "Leslie's Weekly" - "The famous 'Haymaker' Crew which astonished the public by almost winning the Intercollegiate Race at Poughkeepsie."

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Group portrait of an unidentified college crew team, possibly California.

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Group portrait of an Washington crew team. The Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge is visible in the background.
Two crews racing, eights. Mid-Hudson Bridge & western shore in background.
Snapshot of the Washington crew mid-race, taken from the coaches launch. The Mid-Hudson Bridge is visible in the background.
Group portrait of the Syracuse Crew team, with the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge visible in the background.
Unidentified man in a row boat.

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Photograph of University Dock Houses on Regatta Row on the Poughkeespie waterfront; clipping from a mayoral election pamphlet to re-elect Mayor Spratt.
Color-tinted photograph of the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club House in Poughkeepsie.

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Sepia-toned photograph of the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club house on the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie.

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Norman Wright rowing in his scull.
Image of Norman Wright, standing up in his boat.
Image of Norman Wright rowing his boat.
Group portrait of the Navy crew team.

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Black & white, view of a woman in a rowboat on Long Pond in Schultzville. Writing on the front reads, "Mr. Scott- Dear Sir: Our boats are all engaged for Decoration Day except one, will save it for you if that will do, if you let us know. -A.J.…

Van Cleef won the Apokeepsing Boat Club Regatta race on July 18, 1896, winning the chief event: the two mile race w/ turn, with a club record time of 14:24. He beat out John Graham & Ewing Taylor.
Snapshot of Geroge Young in his scull, a member of the Atalanta Boat Club.

Image of Frank Halsted in his boat.
Portraits of a four man crew team.

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Snapshot of an unidentified eight-man crew team practicing/racing in the Hudson.
Group portrait of the Cornell crew team.

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Group portrait of the Columbia Crew team.

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Small photo of a regatta.

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Unidentified club members rowing.
Color-tinted photograph of the Apokeepsing Boat Club house, on the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie.
Group portrait of the winning crew.

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Group portrait of a winning four-man crew team: Henry C. Smith, Benjamin M. Fowler, David K. Jackman, & Emmett A Walker.

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Illustration depicting the race between Walter Brown (left) & James Hamill (right). Race was won by Hammill, 'on a claim of "foul" allowed by the referee Stephen Roberts, Esq.' Time: 41 minutes, 56 seconds.

Hamill's boat: The Frank Smith,…

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Color photograph. From the reverse: "The college coxswain's cry on the Hudson dates back to the days when the Intercollegiate Rowing Regatta was held in Poughkeepsie. That tradition is being renewed through the efforts of Marist College "8's" as…

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