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Group portrait of an Washington crew team. The Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge is visible in the background.
Black & white collage of various views around Poughkeepsie, including Eastman Park, the Vassar College Library, the College Hill Park Building, the Poughkeepsie RR Bridge, the De Laval Separator factory, & the Fiat Automobile factory.
Photograph of the waterfront & railroad bridge, taken from the western shore of the Hudson river, as a train crosses the bridge.
"The Mary Powell" passing under the bridge along with other schooners & ships.
The Washington Irving heading south past Poughkeepsie
Official yacht of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration.
The Hendrick Hudson riverboat, travelling past the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge.
Line drawing of the riverboat Daniel Drew.
Group portrait of the Syracuse Crew team, with the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge visible in the background.
Color-tinted photograph of the Steamer New York passing under the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge.
Color-tinted photograph of the steamboat "New York" passing underneath the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge.
Built and owned by Oliver H. Booth.
Image of a riverboat seen from a distance, just past the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge
Replica of Hudson's ship made for the Hudson-Fulton Celebration, pausing in Poughkeepsie. A steamship & Clermont are at rear.
Replica of Fulton's ship made for Hudson-Fulton Celebration, being boarded by welcoming officials from a motor boat.
Point north of station east of track.
North of station east side of track. Completed bridge in the distance.
An illustration of the proposed Poughkeepsie RR Bridge.
Watercolor of Mid-Hudson Bridge & Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge.
View from the railroad bridge, looking south.
East Approach to bridge with ship in the foreground.
Construction of the bridge, view from the eastern shore.
Railroad at the scene of construction ground level view.
View of the waterfront from the bridge during construction.
Construction - with diver in left foreground.
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