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Local resident Al Palmatier recalls the various businesses and markets he that frequented and worked for during his youth in Poughkeepsie.
Main Mall looking east.
Main Street 500's block looking west.
Main Street between Perry & Bridge Street, south side.

Local resident Dudley Schneider recalls the day in 1939 when his family took the Hudson River Dayliner up to Poughkeepsie. They dined at the Smith Brothers Tea Shop & visited Vassar College to admire the architecture.
Photo taken one day before the trolley system was discontinued.
Black & white photograph of the MainMarket Drug Store, located on the corner of Main Street & Market Street in Poughkeepsie.
Located at 837 Main Street.
Frederick Hart & Company, 837 Main Street.
Main Street at Harris Street, looking west across the river.
Main Street at Washington Street, looking east. Market Street is visible in the background.
Main Street at Washington Street, looking east. Market Street is visible in the background.
Image of the snow banks on Main Street after the blizzard.
The Exchange Hotel, located on the waterfront near the Main Street dock.
245 Main Street; View of the rear of the Pomfret House. The back of the hotel faced north.
The original Clinton & Clear Everett Houses, located on Main Street.
The Glebe Houes on Main Street, in winter.
Main Street's overpass bridge over the railroad tracks, later replaced by a steel bridge.
The Poughkeepsie Savings Bank on Market Street, decorated for the Hudson-Fulton Celebration.
Shop of George Tice, harness maker.
Photograph of University Dock Houses on Regatta Row on the Poughkeespie waterfront; clipping from a mayoral election pamphlet to re-elect Mayor Spratt.
View of the Main Street Dock from the river during Hudson-Fulton Celebration.
At Garden Street.
Veiw of the ferry slip & a Main Street Trolley.
At the intersection of Main & Market, facing the Dutchess County Courthouse.
At the intersection of Washington & Main, lookin north. A traffic officer stands in the intersection.
(Identified as 319 Main Street on back of photo). Business establishment housing W.J. Noel, "The Tailor", W.C. Hill, "Stock, Bonds & Note Broker", Nesbitt's Oyster Depot, a Barber Shop & Conger "Graining & Kalsomining".
"Room - Johnston Bldg - 33 Main Front. T.H. Ransom(?) - W.C. Sterling."
"Market Street from corner of Main, looking south, showing Liberty Pole."
Main Street dock.
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