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Portrait of Mrs. Van Wagenen, mother of Mrs. W.A. Davies.
Portrait of Henry D. Varick.
Portrait of Maggie Varick.
Portrait of J. Van Kleeck.
Portrait of George Upton, surgeon in the 6th Regiment, U.S.V.V.

Portrait of Clarkson Underhill.
Portrait of Carlotte Eastman Usher.
Portrait of Joseph Tower.
Portrait of Albert Tower, born Nov 8, 1817, died Dec 24, 1891.
Portrait of A. Edward Tower.
Portrait of Albert Tower, born Nov 8, 1817, died Dec 24, 1891.
Portrait of W.V. Teller.
Portrait of John Trowbridge, father of Mrs. John Pelton. President of the Republican Club, 1860.
Portrait of Martin I. Townsend.
Portrait of Mrs. Thurston.
Portrait of Augusta (Townsend) Townsend, wife of James.
Portrait of John P.H. Tallman, prominent lawyer & surrogate. Tallman was the director of the first Cemetery Association, director of City Bank (organized in 1860), one of the aldermen who persuaded the commission to locate HRSH in Poughkeepsie, theā€¦
Portrait of N. Conklin Trowbridge. From the reverse: "a former owner of DuBois Supply Co., business established 1814, one of the few firms continuing in same business & same location."
Portrait of the Honorable John Thompson.
Portrait of Isaac Tompkins.
Portrait of Edgar Thorne, Surrogate.
Portrait of a woman on horseback, probably Miss Jenny Thurston.
Portrait of Benjamin Trowbridge, plumber.
Portrait of Brother Gilbert Tompkins. From the reverse: "a member of a High Church Episcopal order, & a brother of Charlie P. Tompkins, who was a member of Holy Comforter Church & an usher at services, probably a vestryman."

Portrait of the Honorable Henry M. Taylor, County Judge; 1871-1877.
Portrait of Hudson Taylor.
Portrait of Dr. Robert K. Tuthill.
Portrait of Morgan L. Traver.
Portrait of Harvey Trickett.
Portrait of James Tallmadge, Congressman, 1816, Lieutenant Governor of New York, 1824.
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