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Group portrait of the Poughkeepsie Police Force.

Portrait of Charles J. McCabe, Chief of Police.

Ilustration of Poughkeepsie Engine viewed along the waterfront.
Standard Type 31: Advertisement for Steamer.
Gooseneck Pumper, owned by Poughkeepsie (Niagara Engine).
Gooseneck Pumper, built in New York City
American La France front end - James Ringwood Driver.
Horse drawn carriage pictured outside of Phoenix Carriage House.
Horse drawn carriage emerging from what is identified as the Young American Hose Company No. 6, but is actually the Booth Hose Company firehouse.
Two horse drawn carriages, James Ringwood driving (left).
Carriage of Phoenix Hose Company No. 1
Phoenix Carriage House, former home of Red Rover Hose Company, located near the First Dutch Reformed Church.

James Ringwood with his son James Jr. in front of Cataract Company firehouse Mount Carmel Place (Cataract Place).
Model D-990-APMO; Serial # 7-1-9202: set the record as being the first 90 foot platform made & delivered by American LaFrance. This photograph also illustrates the newer style of fold down twin outriggers located just behind the rear wheels.
Pumper - Model 710-PJO; Serial # L-4131
Model 775-PGO 750-gpm pumper (Reg. Nos. L-3051 & 3052)
Seagrave "Sidesaddle" straight-frame aerial ladder truck - 75 foot model with tiller & front mounted bell.
Seagrave "Sidesaddle" straight-frame aerial ladder truck - 75 foot model with tiller & front mounted bell.
Mack Type 70 Pumper.
Horse drawn fire truck responding to an alarm from the lower Church Street Fire Station.
First automotive apparatus in the Hudson Valley, shown with committee that made the purchase. A white combination hose & chemical.
Seagrave Model AC "buckboard" pumper at Fallkill Creek.
Seagrave Model AC "buckboard" pumper at Fallkill Creek.
1936 American LaFrance Cowl-Mounted pump 1250 gpm rotary gear pump type 412-RB
1911 American LaFrance Type 10 Triple Combination Pumping & Hose Car D-235 (MO6) Chain Drive; Cannon Street.
Group Photo in front of the United States Capitol building.

1936 Mack 1000 gpm Pumper in front of Poughkeepsie High School on North Hamilton St. Frank Mackey driving.
Hook & Ladder truck from Davy Crockett at Soldier's Fountain.
Dressed and ready for an alarm.
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