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"Mayor Eastman's Donation Party (in Aid of Poughkeepsie)"The Great Contribution and the Contributors."
View of the completed western tower of the Mid-Hudson Bridge.
Construction, view from the west side of the Hudson.
Construction of the Bridge, view from the east side of the Hudson.
Illustration of the east tower of the Mid-Hudson Bridge.
The sinking of the caisson for the tower construction.
A view of the construction of both towers.
A view of the construction catwalks and the eastern bridge approach construction.
A view from the cables, prior to roadway construction.
A view of the roadbed construction.
From the main cable to the roadway.
A view from the eastern bank of the Mid-Hudson Bridge, Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge visible in the background.
Color illustration of the completed bridge.
An illustration of the proposed Poughkeepsie RR Bridge.
Illustration of the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge, compliments of Adriance Platt & Co.
View of the river looking north, with bridge construction approaching the shorefront.
From the west shore, caissons under construction.
Reprint from the Poughkeepsie New Yorker/advertisement for Sedgwick Machine Works.
Construction - with diver in left foreground.
View of the waterfront from the bridge during construction.
Illustration of the bridge released by the construction company that built it, the Union Bridge Company.
Railroad at the scene of construction ground level view.
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