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Portrait of Wallace Bruce.
Portrait of Samuel Wells Buck, principal of the Lyndon Hall School.
Individual portraits of the Reverend Samuel Buel & Reverend Philander K. Cady - Christ Church Rectors.

Portrait of Henry W. Bullard.
Portrait of Henry Bullard.
Portrait of General Burnside.

John Burroughs, seated on the porch at Slabsides.
Portrait of John Burroughs.
Photograph of John Burroughs on a postcard. Text reads: "The Chestnut Bark Study on John Burroughs 'Riverby,' West Park."
Portrait of John W. Butts.
Portrait of William Cain.
Portrait of Adam Caire.
Portrait of Dr. Samuel L. Caldwell, President of Vassar College; 1878-1885.
Portrait of Edward O. Caldwell, owned a store on Main & Bridge Streets in the 1890's.
Portrait of Lewis R. Caldwell, foreman.
Portrait of Mrs. Hannah B. Camach, one of the first Putnam School teachers.
Portrait of Major Patrick Campbell.

Portrait of Arnout Cannon.
Portrait of Silas E. Card, tailor. Father of Dr. John A. Card.
Portrait of Carrie Van Kleeck Cargill & son.
Portrait of Jacob Carpenter.
Portrait of Sarah Carpenter, daughter of Morgan Carpenter (1832-1894).
Portrait of James Carroll.
Portrait of Paul Hayden Carruth.
Portrait of Sophia Cary, wife of George Wilkinson & Helen Wikinson Reynolds grandmother.
Portrait of Alexander Caven.
Portrait of Reverend Philander Chase - Christ Church Rector.

Portrait of Reverend Philander Chase, painted when he was a bishop.

Portrait of Charles Chatteron.
Portrait of De Witt Clinton, painted by Samuel F.B. Morse. Reproduction on a souvenir postcard.
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