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Portrait of H.W. Morris of Garden Street. Father of Mrs. Hudson Taylor & owner of a pawnbroker's shop located at 234 Main Street.
Portrait of Captain Daniel Moshier.
Portrait of Matthew Martin, hat store owner.
Portrait of Richard Maloney.
Portrait of Dr. F.N. Norris.
Portrait of Joseph Neal.
Portrait of Captain William Platto.
Portrait of Dr. Charles W. Pilgrim.
Portrait of Helen Wilkinson Reynolds, in her bridesmaid outfit for the wedding of Edith L. Crary & C.H. Roberts.
Portrait of Helen Wilkinson Reynolds.
Group Portrait (l to r): Blanche Huntington Wilkinson, Margaret Wells Buck, Grace Maynard Buck, Helen Stuyvesant Sanford, Emily Forrester Johnson, Emily Wendell Taylor, Helen Wilkinson Reynolds, & Frances Armstrong Taylor.
Portrait of Abram S. Robinson, born November 15, 1857.
Portrait of Remsen Robinson.
Portrait of John A. Roosevelt.
Portrait of Isaac W. Sherrill, postmaster; 1900-1908.
Portrait of Lou Slee.
Portrait of Egbert B. Sweet.
Portrait of John Scanlon.
Portrait of Leonard B. Sackett.
Portrait of George E. Schryver of Moores Mills. Worked as a clerk in Daniel Ingraham's store, 1884 to 1886.
Portrait of Walter E. Stoddard.
Portrait of John H. Swertfager, editor of The Eagle.
Portrait of Charles E. Schou.
Portrait of Augusta Townsend, daughter of James (Elijah) Townsend. Born Aug 17, 1880, died Nov 19, 1929. Never married.
Portrait of Harvey Trickett.
Portrait of Hudson Taylor.
Portrait of the Honorable Henry M. Taylor, County Judge; 1871-1877.
Portrait of Brother Gilbert Tompkins. From the reverse: "a member of a High Church Episcopal order, & a brother of Charlie P. Tompkins, who was a member of Holy Comforter Church & an usher at services, probably a vestryman."

Portrait of Albert Tower, born Nov 8, 1817, died Dec 24, 1891.
Portrait of Clarkson Underhill.
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