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Back of I57-1LD25a. Information about John King, the Chimney sweep, &advertising for C.H. Gallup & Co., Modern Photographers.
Lieutenant Colonel John K Rinaldi (right) & General George Patton (left).
At the Plaza Hotel (l to r): Representative Hamilton K. Fish, Jr., Lieutenant Colonel John K. Rinaldi, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, & General Mark Clark.
John K. Rinaldi, Governor Malcolm Wilson, Assemblymen Rosa, Betros, State Senator Jay P. Rolinson, & others.
John K. Rinaldi & President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Franklin D. Roosevelt laying cornerstone for Poughkeepsie Post Office, John E. Mack on right, Mayor Spratt on left.

The Honorable Jacobus Swartwout, State Senator, 1784-1795.
Portrait of Helen Wilkinson Reynolds (standing?) & an unidentified girl.
Portrait of Henry Livingston, at age 46.
Portrait of Hendricus Beekman of Kingston, NY: born in 1652, died in 1716.
Portrait of Joanna Lopers Beekman: born in 1652, married to Hendricus Beekman in 1681.
Portrait of Cornelia Beekman Livingston: born in 1693, married to Gilbert Livingston in 1711, died in 1742.
Portrait of Gilbert Livingston: born in 1690, died 1746.
Portrait of Philip Pieterse Schuyler, grandfather of Cornelia Beekman Livingston.
Portrait of Wilhelmus Beekman: born in 1623, died in 1707.
Portrait of Alida Schuyler Livingston, born in 1656, married to Robert Livingston, first lord of the manor.
Portrait of Mrs. Philip Pieterse Schuyler (nee Margaretta Van Slichtenhorst), age 60.
Portrait of William C. Arnold.
Campaign poster of William H. Schrauth.
Paul and Mrs. McCorman, pictured in an early automobile.
Crosby, Willard seated on a two horse open carriage.
Portrait of James G. Alverson.

Portrait of Agnes Earl Smilie, born Sep 28, 1825, & W.C. Smilie, born Sep 23, 1813, on their 50th wedding anniversary.
Portrait of Jacob Snyder.
Portrait of Rev. A.T. Ashton, rector of St. James Church in Hyde Park.

Portrait of Rev. Fred S. Arnold, curate at Christ Church from 1907-1910 & 1912.

Portrait of Kate Avery.
Portrait of Emma Avery.
Portrait of Mary Avery.
Portrait of Julia Avery.
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