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Portrait of Major Andrew Billings.
Dr. Weston B. Stibbs, pictured in uniform.
Portrait of John J. Mylod.
Portrait of Dr. J. Wilson Poucher.
Portrait of Henry Livingston, born 1714, died 1799. Painted when Livingston was 46 years of age.
Portrait of Matthew Sleght, born in Rhinebeck in 1711, died 1762.
Portrait of Captain T. Elmendorf.
Back reads: "To Mr. A.G. Tobey, Editor - 'Courier' Po'keepsie. From: W.J. McC., Tarrytown, N.Y."
Portrait of Reverend F.B. Witcome - Rector at St. Paul's Church.
Portrait of Raymond Guernsey, wearing a Yale sweater.
John Burroughs, seated on the porch at Slabsides.
Portrait of George Clark Cox.
Portrait of George Clark Cox.
Portrait of Harlow P. Amell(?)
Portrait of Matthew Vassar, founder of Vassar College.
Portrait of Matthew Vassar, founder of Vassar College.
Portrait of Edward Crummey.
Portrait of Horatio N. Bain, born 1857, died 1918.
E.T. Mason, standing on a small footbridge.
E.T. Mason, seated on a tree stump near a stream or pond, canoers visible in the background.
Fred Morgan, seated on a boat on the Hudson River, near Poughkeepsie.
Fred Morgan, outdoors with an older man, young boy, and dog.
Portrait of Harvey G. Eastman.
Araminta Mahoney (right), pictured here with an unidentified companion in a historic house.
Portrait of Mrs. John R.Reynolds (nee Jane Hewett Wilkinson).
Portrait of John R. Reynolds.
Enlargement of a snapshot taken in Highland, NY.
Snapshot of H. Alonzo Brown.
"Old Jesse - Garbage Man."
Portrait of John King - Chimney Sweep.
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