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Snapshot of H. Alonzo Brown.
Portrait of Emmet G. Lavery.
Portrait of Martha Elting (left) & mother Sarah Elting (right).
Portrait of Elias Van Benschoten.
Portrait of the Reverend Andrew Schriver, pastor of the Hedding M.E. Church; 1890-1891.

Portrait of Mary Lee Myers, age 6 months & mother.
Portait of Ann Seward Swartwout (1778-1868). Daughter of Rev. William Seward (1747-1822), Yale Class of 1769, who bought "Old Hundred" in New Hackensack c. 1795. Ann married Jacobus Swartwout (1770-1846), son of General Swartwout. Sister of William…
Portrait of Carrie Roosa, Mrs. Andrew Limeburner.
Portrait of the Reverend M.C. Power.

Portrait of Lewis Haines.
Portrait of Dr. Alfred Hasbrouck.
Portrait of Charles Chatteron.
Portrait of John V.W. Doty.
Portrait of Marion F. Dutcher.
Portrait of the Elting Family. Standing, l to r: Martha Elting, Martha Elting, Charles Elting, Hezekiah Elting, Evarene Elting & Selena Elting. Seated, l to r: Tobias Elting, Silas Elting, Sarah Elting & Rebecca Elting.
Portrait of Professor Charles Grube.
Portrait of J.H. Marshall, of Marshall & Sterling.
Portrait of Charles H. Madison.
Portrait of Chester A. Robinson, age 7 months.
Portrait of James Harvey Seaman, early alderman of Poughkeepsie after its incorporation in 1854. Mayoral candidate in 1864, but was defeated.
Portrait of Joseph B. Bisbee, from Riverview Military Academy.
Cut silhouette of Matthew Vassar - founder of Vassar College. Full body silhouette, cut in Saratoga, N.Y..
Portrait of Kate Avery.
Portrait of Emma Avery.
Portrait of Mary Avery.
Portrait of Julia Avery.
Portrait of Professor R.S. Baines.
Portrait of Nettie Cornwell.
Portrait of Sarah Carpenter, daughter of Morgan Carpenter (1832-1894).
Portrait of Bell Cornwell, Mrs. Van Vliet.
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