Notable Figures


Historical photos of important personages & figures of note in the history of the Poughkeepsie-Dutchess County area.


Notable Figures

Items in the Notable Figures Collection

Killey, E.B.
Portrait of E.B. Killey.

Bayard, Maria Louise
Portrait of Maria Louise Bayard.

Campbell, Maj. Patrick
Portrait of Major Patrick Campbell.

Chase. Rev. Philander
Portrait of Reverend Philander Chase - Christ Church Rector.

Chase. Rev. Philander
Portrait of Reverend Philander Chase, painted when he was a bishop.

Ziegenfuss, Rev. Henry L.
Portrait of Reverend Henry L. Ziegenfuss. - Christ Church Rector.

Buel, Rev. Samuel; Cady, Rev. Philander K.
Individual portraits of the Reverend Samuel Buel & Reverend Philander K. Cady - Christ Church Rectors.

Weikert, Rev. Samuel A.
Portrait of Reverend Samuel A. Weikert - Christ Church Rector.

dePeyster, Johnston L.
Portrait of Johnston L. dePeyster.

Dobbs, Charles E.
Portrait of Charles E. Dobbs - Harness maker.

Glenn, Ernest
Portrait of Ernest Glenn, the "Craftsmen-Preacher." Advertisement.

Hooker, James
Portrait of James Hooker.

Jackman, David K.
Portrait of David K. Jackman.

Lane, Dr. Charles E.
Portrait of Dr. Charles E. Lane.

Lown, Frank B.
Portrait of Frank B. Lown.

Lown, Frank B.
Portrait of Frank B. Lown.

McNab, Rev. John
Portrait of Reverend John McNab.

Mills, Ogden
Portrait of Ogden Mills - Director of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroads.

Olmstead, D.
Portrait of D. Olmsted - Light Carriage & Sleigh Maker. Advertisement.

Pearsall, Sarah Elizabeth
Portrait of Sarah Elizabeth Pearsall.

Platt, Edmund
Campaign material for Edmund Platt - Republican Candidate for Congress. Counties of Orange, Putnam & Dutchess.

Robinson, Samuel
Portrait of Samuel Robinson, of Merchants Bank & Millard Lumber Co.

Schwartz, John R.
Campaign material for John R. Schwartz - Republican Nominee.

Sedgwick, Alonzo
Portrait & illustration of Alonzo Sedgwick - Co-founder of Sedgwick Machine Works. Advertisement.

Townsend, Capt.
A cut silhouette of Captain Townsend.

VanRensselear, Stephen
Portrait of Stephen VanRensselear, born 1789, died 1868.

Vassar, Matthew
Cut silhouette of Matthew Vassar - founder of Vassar College. Full body silhouette, cut in Saratoga, N.Y..

Wilbur, May. Daniel W.
Portrait of Mayor Daniel W. Wilbur.

Ziegenfuss, Rev. Henry L.
Ziegenfuss, Henry L. Portrait.

Van Gieson, Kitty
Kitty Van Geison, feeding pigeons in front of St. Marks in Venice.